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Home Delivery

We deliver to your home

Do your shopping online and we will deliver your order freshly to you.

  • No minimum order value, only 4.90€ delivery fee.
  • No delivery fee starting at 59€ carts.
  • We currently deliver only in Salzburg and surroundings.
  • Choose the time when we should deliver the order to you.

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flyby Pickup

You pickup your goods

Do your shopping online and pick up the goods at our stations on the next afternoon.

  • No minimum order value.
  • Shop online and pick up your order by yourself
  • Choose one of our 2 pickup stations in Salzburg.
  • Choose your timeslot when you want to pick it up.

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Gluten free
Lactose free
merchant_icon Salzburger Ölmühle
Bio Sonnenblumenöl
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Product Description

Sunflower oil was already used in North America three to four millennia ago. Spanish explorers probably brought the oil plant with them to Europe. The sunflower always turns towards the sun during its growth and thus stores a particularly large amount of solar energy. As recently as 15 years ago, sunflower fields in our area provided an excellent source of pollen for insects. Beekeepers were able to harvest amazing amounts of golden yellow sunflower honey. Today, modern agriculture has sunflower cultivars that facilitate industrial production and no longer turn their heads to the sun. However, these modern varieties no longer produce nectar and bee colonies starve in the midst of blooming sunflower fields (from Demeter-Imkerei Friedmann). By peeling the seeds in advance and with our pressing process, we achieve excellent quality. Our organic sunflower oil is a very valuable cooking or salad oil, but should not be the only oil in the kitchen because of the high omega-6 content. Likewise, it is also very suitable for the so-called oil pulling or oil slurping. However, only under the assumption that you also spit out the oil, which is now enriched with harmful substances.


organic Sunflower oil

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