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Gluten free
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Product Description

Untreated, yellow mustard seeds are gently de-oiled and ground into fine flour. The organic mustard flour still contains about 8 - 10 g of mustard oil per 100 g. It gives a variety of dishes an extraordinary and oriental taste. Mustard flour goes well with poultry, meat and fish dishes, spicy soups, roast sauces, salad dressings and stews or sweet and sour fruits. It is ideal for making homemade mustard. Usage: Do you often have tired feet? Why don't you refresh your legs in a mustard flour footbath - a real relief that runs through the whole body! Mix 2 tablespoons of our organic mustard flour with warm water and bathe your feet for 15-20 minutes in the stimulating liquid. When combined with water, the stimulating pungency of the mustard flour unfolds. Your legs will be pleasantly warmed. Mustard compresses or poultices are also popular. To do this, mix mustard flour with water at about 50 degrees to make a paste and spread on a clean cloth. Or you can put mustard flour in the middle of a cloth, fold in the sides, dip the whole thing in warm water and apply that. The first application should last only a few minutes. Later, you can leave the wraps on for up to a quarter of an hour. After a mustard bath, a mustard poultice or a mustard poultice, you should always rinse the skin well and then pamper it with a nourishing cream or oil. Recipe suggestion: Ingredients for 500 g mustard: 120 g mustard flour 600 ml orange juice 120 g honey 120 ml white wine vinegar 20 g salt Grated peel of one orange Instructions: Mix all the ingredients with a hand mixer to a uniform mass and spread it on a baking paper and roll it out thinly. Place in the refrigerator to set. Brown meat, fish or vegetables, place the crust over the desired food and bake in the oven at 170°C top heat for 8 - 10 minutes until golden.


Organic mustard flour


M - Mustard

Allergens information: The product contains ingredients which contain allergens subject to labeling according to the EU regulation no. 1169/2011, which may cause allergic or intolerance reactions. Even tough of careful crafting the products, there could be - next to the declared ingredients - also elements of other sources that were produced within the same building.

Nutrition table

Nutrients per 100 g

Available product quantity for flyby Station: 0

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