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  • No minimum order value, only 4.90€ delivery fee.
  • No delivery fee starting at 59€ carts.
  • We currently deliver only in Salzburg and surroundings.
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flyby Pickup

You pickup your goods

Do your shopping online and pick up the goods at our stations on the next afternoon.

  • No minimum order value.
  • Shop online and pick up your order by yourself
  • Choose one of our 2 pickup stations in Salzburg.
  • Choose your timeslot when you want to pick it up.

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Gluten free
Lactose free
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Product Description

Unlike ground almonds*, almond flour* is deoiled by pressing. As a result, almond flour has a much lower fat content than ground almonds. ... Doughs cannot be formed as well with ground almonds and do not get the firmness as a dough in which almond flour is used. Almond flour contains numerous vitamins and nutrients such as vitamins A and B and E. It also contains iron, zinc and fluorine. Uses: The delicious almond flour is excellent in low-carb cooking, for sweet or savory baking. You replace about 15-20% of the normal amount of flour and proceed as usual in the recipe. It also enhances sauces, soups, dips and spreads. In general, you can replace 10-20% flour with almond flour in many baking recipes. Similar to coconut flour, it binds more liquid than wheat flour due to its many fibers. Recipe suggestion: BIO zucchini almond flour cream soup 600g organic zucchini, 200ml organic coconut milk, 110g organic almond flour, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 tablespoon organic curry, 1 tablespoon organic horseradish. Preparation: Cut the zucchini into fine slices. Put the slices in a pot with the coconut milk, salt and curry and cook over medium heat with the lid closed until the zucchini is soft. Then add the almond flour and blend everything with a blender, adding the horseradish at the end.


Organic almond flour


H - Edible nuts

Allergens information: The product contains ingredients which contain allergens subject to labeling according to the EU regulation no. 1169/2011, which may cause allergic or intolerance reactions. Even tough of careful crafting the products, there could be - next to the declared ingredients - also elements of other sources that were produced within the same building.

Nutrition table

Nutrients per 100 g

Available product quantity for flyby Station: 0

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